Use: Long-term care health facility
Site: Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Number of beds: 100
Site area: 4641 sqm.
Building area: 1648 sqm.
Floor area: 4399 sqm.
Structure: Reinforced concrete structure
Number of floors: Three
Completed in March 2011

A Facility that Overlooks the Town

This facility stands on a hill overlooks the town of Atsugi. Since the site is in an urbanization control area, total height of the building was set lower than 10 meter. The three-story building is standing on the natural slope. In the building, a number of outside terraces were placed for users to enjoy the view, whereas a foot bath was designed at the entrance of the rehabilitation center. Since the facility is for users who stay here for a short term doing rehabilitation, to go home afterwards, spaces for rehabilitation is well equipped, and public spaces such as meeting rooms and cafeterias were placed at the south of the building. Wooden panels are adding a cozy, warm feeling to the interiors.