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  • Is it possible for you to design buildings far from your office?

    We have ongoing projects all over Japan. In the case with afar sites we may ask the clients to cover the traveling expenses.

  • How much is your design fee?

    We estimate it upon the construction fee. In the most cases, the percentages are 5 to 13% of the construction costs.

  • Is it possible to ask you to design other things than buildings such as CIs and websites?

    Yes, it is.
    In corporation with skilled professionals, we design any items that are related to the facilities, such as furniture, uniforms, stationaries name cards and the like. For the branding of each facilities we think it very important to design all these things upon same concept.

  • Do you conduct earthquake-resistance checks of buildings?

    Yes we do.
    We have skilled structural engineers in our team. In Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Shizuoka and Yamanashi, we take orders of only earthquake-resistance checks; in other areas we provide the checks only for our design clients.

  • Is it possible to ask you to help us with the grant proposal?

    Yes it is. We help our clients with the tangled procedures.

  • Does it cost any money to ask you to make proposals?

    No if we’d received design orders afterwards. Although there are some cases we ask you for cancellation fees.

  • Is it possible to visit your office?

    Of course. Please ask our staffs for appointments.

  • Is it possible to assign specific architects to our project?