In the process of design of a welfare facility, it is important to think of a building that fits the facilities' contents, or its operation policy. Thus the starting point of our design is always to talk to each clients. How do they want to use / to be used their facilities, how do they think of the future of their facilities, what is their financial plan for the facilities.... After a good amount of consultations, we start designing one and only facility for each clients. Also, the completion of the construction doesn't mean the end of our service. Rather, we think it the start line of each facilities in the true meanings. We would like to stand by the clients as their 'primary care doctor,'

Brand produce

Other than the designing buildings, Fukushiken also designs and produces necessary things for the branding of each facilities such as CIs, websites, broachers, name cards and the like. Having all these things designed under the same policy strengthens each facilities’ brand images.


Grant proposal

Almost all the companies that run welfare facilities receive subsidy payments from the local governments, which require tangled procedures. As a experienced professional team, we help our clients to do the grant proposals within Japan.

Incorporation of enterprise

To receive subsidy payments within Japan, in the majority of cases the organization has to have corporate status. Also, the fact that the organization is a social welfare corporation can build secure and reliable feeling within users. Upon our experiences, we offer detailed information of social welfare corporations, and will help our clients to enterprising ones within Japan.。

Architects compensatory
liability insurance

Japanese construction industry is promoting architects to join insurance against accidents. Our company is assured by architects compensatory liability insurance that is run by the Japan Institute of Architects and Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, which compensate the cost for the loss and damage that occurred to the client during the construction up to 200 million YEN. Although we have never had and is determined to never will have the case that needs to claim insurance, we think it important for the clients to be secured by insurance.