Use: support center for the disabled
Site: Isahaya City, Nagasaki, Japan
Site area: 1913 sqm.
Building area: 908 sqm.
Floor area: 1230 sqm.
Structure: Steel Frame
Number of floors: 2 floors (Above the ground)
Completed in April 2018

The Station connecting the disabled
and the local community

This is a support center for the disabled consisting of 4 different kinds of facilities, an office, and cafe space, whose concept is “The Station connecting the disabled and the local community”.

In Japan, most of facilities for the disabled are so closed with windows of opaque glass that people inside can’t be seen from outside. But it’s important that such a welfare facility is open to outside and the public for users to live close to the society with their mental health.In front of the building, there is a café space, where anyone can come and drop in freely.

By making people come to the child disabled support center and communicate each other, the environment that the disabled can live a normal life can be created. In the spaces for child development disability support and after-school nursery, we installed several small houses so that children can choose to go wherever they want to do according to each charactoristics and feeling. In the daily life support center, people can spend a time relaxed. And in the support center for continuous employment, they can enjoy working and feel the importance of working.

To make the chances of communication increased between users of facility and staffs who used to be in different buildings, the entrance hall is placed as connected each support center gradually and the office. In many places of interiors such as wooden floor, wall, and ceiling,hinoki cypress is used, so that people spend time feeling the local materials.