Sakura-ga-oka Stage

Use: support center for the disabled
Site: Akishi-shi, Kochi, Japan
Site area: 5057.67 sqm.
Building area: 1949.99 sqm.
Floor area: 3204.30 sqm.
Structure: Steel Frame
Number of floors: 2 floors (Above the ground)
Completed in March 2021

Living at a landscape in the original state

This was a multiple projects of rebuilding support center for disabled due to aging and relocation of small-scale multifunctional in-home care facilities to higher ground for tsunami countermeasures. The project aims the residents to spend comfortable living by reminiscing the good old days through sights and smells of the land.

The facility has a "vegetable garden" fostering interactions between the users, refreshing "yuzu garden" that releases a refreshing fragrance, and a "sun deck" where people can casually step out and enjoy the sunshine. By being rooted in the community, the facility also aims to serve as an evacuation center for the community.