Use: Support for Continuous Employment Type B office/ Office supporting employment for people with disabilities
Site: Support for Continuous Employment Type B office+ Group home (10 beds)
Capacity: 40 people (after school care: 20 people)
Site area: 774 sqm.
Building area: 427 sqm.
Floor area: 923 sqm.
Structure: Steel Frame
Number of floors:32 floors (Above the ground)
Completed in June 2017

Facilities for people with disabilities, opened at the city that motivates people with disabilities

Located at the city, the building is a office for supporting continuous employment type B with a group home.

Manufacture has been centralized in this city with an Industrial technology high school nearby the site and with many "small and medium-sized model factories" that supported manufacturing.

This facility, standing at an area where manufacturing has been active, was designed to create an environment where people with any kind of disability can work with pride, based on the concept to “see” and to “show”.

As interior is visible from outside, the locals will be interested and have a better understanding of people with disabilities. The connections between the local will increases motivations to work.