Use: Special elderly nursing home
Site: Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Number of beds: 120, Day care service 20 people/ day
Site area: 4987 sqm.
Building area: 1619 sqm.
Floor area: 5480 sqm.
Structure: Reinforced concrete structure
Number of floors: Four
Completed in April 2015

City with a lounge Special elderly nursing home

GMS is located in a suburban area with a rural landscape.

The concept is a "Town like special elderly nursing home"; where residents can find them favorite place in the facility to spend a "life that is uniquely their own".

The first floor includes cafe lounge, day care services, etc. which is also open to the locals.

The second to fourth floors are designed to resemble a residential area with units for 10 residents each, all of which have private rooms.

Three different lounges; "view lounge" with the view of the town, calming "patio lounge" facing the courtyard, and "yuagari lounge" where the residents can take a break after taking bath; allowing the elderly to relax and enjoy communication.