New video‘Care Home Mansaku’released!

【Care Home Mansaku】

A Joyful Wooden Group Home that Bonds the Local Community-

Situated in the pastoral scenery of Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture, this small elderly Group Home consists of 2 units of 9 people each, totaling 18 beds. From each room, residents can enjoy views of the fields and the nature that embraces them.
The single-story wooden structure offers a comfortable interior where one can feel the texture and warmness of the wood. The lawn plaza serves as a playground for elementary school children who drop by after school. It has become a lively gathering place where locals can casually stop by and interact.
By supporting and respecting each person’s lifestyle, this elderly facility, naturally filled with smiles and joy, has become a place where people of different age groups can come together and be fulfilled.

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